A software company that makes "doing business" more profitable

quality and experience

enterprise applications

50+ projects. We develop client applications, create back-ends, as well as provide integration and maintenance for our clients.

business strategy

We solve business problems, identify opportunities and refine product ideas. We discuss multiple possibilities with clients before building applications.


We create solutions that foster efficiency within organizations. We ensure that our applications are intuitive and built to the needs of our users.


We work with our clients to increase their financial performance and create value through automation of key business processes.

A little about us

How we do what we do
We strive to create value in every step of the development process.

Ibicom d.o.o. is a small software company founded in Zagreb, Croatia in 1997. Throughout the years, we have developed a track record of successful projects while gaining the expertise needed to take on bigger and bigger endeavors. We always believe that our biggest masterpiece lies in our next project, and we therefore devote our work efforts entirely to polishing the product to meet these high expectations. We have one focus, and that is to create top-notch results for our clients and the end-users of our software.

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